Faith Connexion - apparel stock for women

The apparel lot by the brand Faith Connexion is offered with following conditions.


We are offering french fashion for women by Faith Connexion in packing units of 70 pieces. Among youthful and colourful articles there are elegant business outfits in the stock.


  • ​Materials: Mixed materials


  • Sizes: Mixed sizes, mainly common sizes


  • Colors: Various simple and elegant colors

Quantity: 70 pcs

Weight 22,00 KG

Available, enough stock

Faith Connexion - apparel stock for women

The content is identical. Our customers get our products as we advertise it in our packing list. Only the sizes, colors and models differ.

The packaging unit contains the following fashion articles:

Dress 11

Sarafan 2

Sweatshirt 2

Jeans 7

Shorts 1


Blouse 3

Knitwear 13

Top 11

Longsleeve shirt 1

Trousers 2


T-Shirt 5

Skirt 3

Leggings 1

Leather 3

Blazer 1


Accessoires 4



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