Data Protection

Your data shall be protected in compliance with the statutory data protection provisions.

Thank you for your trust.

Collection of Data

As far as you have made personal data available to us, we use them exclusively to the technically required extent and for the purpose of the completion of your purchase order and the delivery of the goods. In no case shall the data collected be sold or passed on to third parties. We collect personal data in the course of the ordering process and the registration of the individual customer access.

Use of your Data

Your interests which legitimately deserve protection will be given due consideration during data processing in compliance with legal provisions. We will not pass personal data, including home address and email address, on to a third party without your express consent which may be revoked at any time and only if this is necessary for order processing. Excluded from this rule are our service partners who need the information to process your purchase order (e.g. the shipping company that carries out the delivery and the bank that is responsible for the arrangement of payments).

Where you are invited on our website to submit personal information, please check yourself which information you want to disclose.

Rights to Information and to object

Your trust is important to us. We will always be available to help if you have any questions about the processing of your personal data.

You have the right to demand the rectification, erasure or blocking of your personal data, unless mandatory statutory regulations to the contrary exist. Please communicate your wishes by e-mail, letter or fax.