Klingel - mix for women and men

The apparel lot by the brand Klingel is offered with following conditions.


We are offering a mix of stock clothes for women and men by the germand brand Klingel. In a packaging unit are 60 pieces of fashion articles like t-shirts, trousers, jeans in various colors and models.


  • ​Materials: Mixed materials


  • Sizes: Mixed sizes, mainly common sizes


  • Colors: Various beautiful bright and elegant colors

Quantity: 60 pcs

Weight 24,00 KG

Available, enough stock

Klingel - mix for women and men

The content is identical. Our customers get our products as we advertise it in our packing list. Only the sizes, colors and models differ.​

The packaging unit contains the following fashion articles:

Women's wear:
Dresses 2

T-Shirts 7

Sweatshirt 1

Jacket 1

Knitwear 5


Blouse 5

Long sleeves 6

Jeans 1

Top 2

Trousers 15


Skirts 3

Shorts 3

Accessories 2


Men's wear:
Polo 3

T-Shirt 1

Shirt 1

Knitwear 1

Sweatshirt 1


Shorts 2

Blazer 1

Jeans 1



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